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  • 1. Naousa
  • 2. Lefkes Village
  • 3. Valley of Butterflies
  • 4. Temple of Panagia Ekatontapyliani
  • 1. Kolympithres Beach
  • 2. Santa Maria
  • 3. Golden Beach
  • 4. Monastiri Beach
  • 5. Faragas Beach

Picturesque Paros

In the heart of the Cyclades lies Paros: an island infused with the best of the region’s breath-taking beauty, alive with the magic of Greek mythology, and elemental in its expression of joyful living.

Nestled in the area of Naousa, known for its natural sculptured rock wonders that give rise to stunning swimming coves of crystal turquoise sea and golden sand, 24 Estate Villas cascades amphitheatrically down the hillside: a hideaway of privacy and peace, and an invitation to define the holiday of your desire.

Situated within the expanse of the surrounding area of Naousa is a collection of supreme sites and experiences to be discovered, including the famed Kolimbithres beaches, watersports, hiking and mountain biking, the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, the church of Ayios Antonios, and the Naousa Byzantine Museum.

The village of Naousa – a quaint fishing village brimming with cosmopolitan bars and gourmet restaurants – lies just 3km away, with Paroikia Port at a distance of 8km, and the airport just 18km from our unique villas.

As such, guests are not only afforded easy access to key points around Paros but may also enjoy leisurely drives from which to feast their eyes on the island’s unfolding beauty.

Useful Distances

Kolympithres Beach 2 km
First Aid 2 km
Hospital 8 km
Paroikia Port 8 km
Airport 18 km
Sightseeing Suggestions
Charming Naousa
Soaked in the sun’s soft rays or illuminated by the full moon poised above its harbour, Naoussa possesses an otherworldly beauty. From its Venetian fortress (once a stately castle) to its stunning coastline, and collection of cosmopolitan clubs and bars and gourmet restaurants, a stroll around Naoussa promises excitement at every turn, awe-inspiring vistas, and a veritable Greek Island experience.
Explore the Natural World
With everyday life filled with the hustle and bustle of work and responsibilities, true holiday joy comes in the form of slowing down, zoning out, and getting back to basics. What better way to achieve this than by reacquainting one’s self with the beauty of the natural world? From sunbathing on the warm sand at Kolimbithres and engaging in the various watersports available, to horseback riding via one of the many centres situated around Naoussa, and a visit to the breath-taking Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros (an 800-acre park of cliffs, coves, and caves complete with amphitheatre and open-air cinema), travellers will not be left wanting in their exploration of Paros’ natural world.
Greece’s Culinary Landscape
Mediterranean cuisine is renowned the world over for its rich offerings of fresh, seasonal and healthy creations. Nowhere does this come more bountifully to fruition than across Greece’s landscape. Further to a host of gourmet restaurants in Naoussa village, from quaint taverns lining the coastline to international outlets challenging diners’ palates, 24 Estate Villas’ guests can (subject to availability) request the services of a personal chef to create a customised Mediterranean feast to be enjoyed from the privacy of their own garden.